Francis Benjamin

For City Council

Heidi and I have lived in Pullman since 1985. It is our home where we have raised our three children. I previously served on Pullman’s City Council for over 12 years and I still remember the first time I first ran for Pullman’s City Council. My campaign statement was:

“I care – for you, your family and Pullman: I am here to help my neighbors and to help Pullman prosper.”

I have worked hard to serve the community of Pullman, together we have accomplished much and my purpose and passion continue to grow.

  • Pullman 2040
  • Pullman Chamber of Commerce
  • Pullman Community Council on Aging
  • Economic Development
  • Town Gown Collaborative
  • Youth Mentor

I look forward to serving Pullman again on the city council and ask for your vote.

The Leadership Our City Needs Right Now

Vote For Francis


Together  we can achieve the best solution


Elevating the entire community through thoughtful and civil decision making


Proven success in implementing community innovators

Vision & Issues


Life is based on standards and absolutes.
It is important to look for areas of commonality.

You should not restrict your focus to only a single issue or you will often over look the best solution in favor of supporting your single issue.

You should make decisions which will stand the test of time and will still be the right decision 5 – 10 – 25 years from now.


When deciding an issue, I feel that:

There are interconnections between most issues which makes it difficult to make a decision on one issue and not have it also impact other issues.