Priority Issues

Priority Issues


Build a Welcoming Community

  • Listen: We need to be open to hearing each other’s unique story
  • Come Together: We need to bringing people together to find common ground
  • Build Collaboration: It is in working together we can achieve the best solution
  • Take action: We need to go beyond just talking and take action

Promote Downtown Vibrancy

  • Encourage Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Improve Cleanliness and Vibrancy
  • Expand Pedestrian and Bicycle Access and Wayfinding
  • Increase Campus Connection Pathways

Accelerate COVID Recovery

  • Individuals:
    • Help community members’ transition back to normal
    • Improve behavioral health access
  • Businesses:
    • Support business as they open up
    • Promote business sustainability

Attainable Housing

  • Work to improve regulations and processes to improve attainable housing

Advance South Bypass

  • Advance the South Bypass to relieve traffic congestion