Key Issues


Effective and Actionable

There are interconnections between most issues which makes it difficult to make a decision on one issue and not have it also impact other issues.

When deciding an issue, I feel that:

  • Life is based on standards and absolutes.
  • It is important to look for areas of commonality.
  • You should not restrict your focus to only a single issue or you will often over look the best solution in favor of supporting your single issue.
  • You should make decisions which will stand the test of time and will still be the right decision 5 – 10 – 25 years from now.


It is impossible for me to comment on the economy without reflecting on the impact of future generations. We must invest in consistent managed economic growth to insure we have the living wage and entry-level jobs necessary to meet employment needs as well as a fiscally appropriate tax base to meet community infrastructure requirements.


A robust education emphasis is vital for individual and societal success. Educational structures must encompass life-long learning, be relevant to changing workforce paradigms, support parental responsibilities, and insure accountability. Educational programs need to embrace skilled trades, college attainment, retraining pathways, and mentorships.


I believe that a person’s value is inherent and not based on their individual physical characteristics. Each person has the ability to positively impact society and the people around them. It is important for each of us to make time to listen to each person and all sides of an issue. The best solutions can only be accomplished if we pool our skills and knowledge and work collaboratively together.


The environment is an integral component of our region and state’s exceptional quality of life. I feel that we shouldn’t simply focus on what we currently have, but on the quality of life we desire our children and grandchildren to experience. We need to work to ensure future generations enjoy an environment and quality of life which is as good if not better than what we enjoy now.


The most responsible and responsive government is one which is closest to the people. This requires a clear delineation of governmental and private sector responsibilities and for each governmental level to have unique responsibilities. Each aspect of government must be held accountable to the people and responsible for the funding of their assigned responsibilities.


Adequate funding is necessary to maintain responsible government. Unfortunately, the current tax structure is broken and unsustainable. To correct this requires clear delineation of governmental and private sector responsibilities, accountability at all governmental levels, and the establishment of a sustainable funding structure which, with consideration to the most vulnerable, holds each individual financially responsible for the cost of government.